Various surveys and studies are carried out by the Central Bank of Iceland in order to gain a better view of domestic financial markets. Two surveys are conducted and published on a quarterly basis. A survey of market agents‘ expectations concerning a range of economic variables, and a survey among commercial banks on the development of the supply and demand for credit. The results of these surveys are useful to the Central Bank in carrying out its legally mandated objectives and in research.

Survey of market expectations

From 2012, the Central Bank has carried out a survey of market agents‘ expectations. The survey is conducted four times a year, prior to the publication of each issue of Monetary Bulletin, and inquires about expectations concerning a range of economic variables, including inflation and interest rates.

Lending survey

In 2022, the Central Bank of Iceland began conducting a quarterly lending survey among the four commercial banks. The banks are asked about developments in customer demand for credit, developments in the supply of credit to customers, and factors that affected supply in the last three months and their evaluation of prospects for the upcoming six months.