Markets and market operations

In performing its role, the Central Bank of Iceland may need to conduct transactions in or supervise specified financial markets. The Central Bank supervises the interbank foreign exchange market and the interbank market for krónur (REIBOR). The Bank intervenes in the interbank foreign exchange market, buying or selling krónur in exchange for euros when warranted. Every day, the Central Bank lists the official exchange rate of the Icelandic króna, as well as interest rates in the interbank market for krónur and the reference interest rate for the Icelandic krónur. When the Bank determines the interest rates on its transactions with financial institutions, it affects interest rates in the interbank market for krónur.

The Bank is a participant in the Nasdaq OMX trading system and keeps track of the securities market. The Bank is authorised to trade in the secondary bond market if it deems such trading consistent with its objectives.