29 April 2019

Newly established Payment Council holds inaugural meeting

The Central Bank of Iceland’s newly established Payment Council held its first meeting on Tuesday 23 April 2019. The Payment Council is a consultative forum for governmental authorities, market participants, and other stakeholders concerning issues relating to payment intermediation and financial market infrastructure. The Council’s aim is to ensure that policy formulation in the fields of payment intermediation and financial market infrastructure in Iceland is based on appropriate foundations, with security, efficiency, and efficacy as guiding principles. The Bank prepares the Council’s meetings, and the Governor presides over the meetings. All materials relating to the Payment Council will be published on the Bank’s website soon after each meeting.

17 April 2019

The Spring Meetings of the International Monetary Fund 2019

Governor Már Gudmundsson attended the Spring Meetings of the IMF’s International Monetary and Financial Committee, IMFC, which were held in Washington DC 12-14 April. Governor Gudmundsson represents Iceland in the IMF’s Board of Governors, which is the Fund’s highest decision-making body. Magdalena Andersson, the Swedish Finance Minister, represented the Nordic and Baltic countries in the Committee on this occasion.

10 April 2019

Seminar on Nordic financial cycles

A seminar on financial cycles as early warning indicators: Lessons from the Nordic Region will take place at the Central Bank of Iceland on Friday 12 April at 15:00 in the conference room Sölvhóll. Speakers: Önundur Ragnarsson, specialist in the Financial Stability Department of the CBI and Loftur Hreinsson, specialist in the Department for Macroprudential Policies in the FSA (Financial Supervisory Authority).

04 April 2019

Financial Stability 2019/1

The Bank’s Financial Stability report 2019/1 presents an overview of the position of the financial system, its strengths and potential weaknesses, and the macroeconomic and operational risks it may face. Financial Stability is also published in Icelandic under the title Fjármálastöðugleiki.

03 April 2019

Minutes of the MPC

Here are the minutes of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Central Bank of Iceland from the meeting held on 18 and 19 March 2019. There, the Committee discussed economic and financial market developments, the interest rate decision on 20 March, and the communication of that decision.