02 September 2015

Balance of payments and investment position

Central Bank of Iceland

The current account balance was positive by 21.3 b.kr. during the quarter, as opposed to a positive balance of 6.3 b.kr. in the preceding quarter. The balance on goods trade was negative by 12.8 b.kr., while the balance on services trade was positive by 54.7 b.kr. The balance on primary income was negative by 16 b.kr. and secondary income by 4.7 b.kr.

Foreign assets totalled 5,535 b.kr. at the end of the quarter, while foreign liabilities totalled 13,200 b.kr. Thus the net external position was negative by 7,665 b.kr., and net liabilities declined by approximately 266 b.kr. quarter-on-quarter. Excluding the financial institutions undergoing winding-up proceedings, assets totalled 3,966 b.kr. and liabilities 3,852 b.kr. The net position was therefore positive by 114 b.kr., and net assets increased by 87 b.kr. during the quarter.

See here further information for balance of payments in the second quarter of 2015 and the international investment position.pdf