16 April 2013

Arnór Sighvatsson reappointed Deputy Governor

Arnór Sighvatsson

With a letter dated 12 April 2013, the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs has reappointed Arnór Sighvatsson to the post of Deputy Governor of the Central Bank for a term of five years, effective 1 July 2013.

Arnór Sighvatsson was first appointed interim Deputy Governor on 27 February 2009. He was then appointed Deputy Governor for a four-year term beginning 1 July 2009, in accordance with the first paragraph of Temporary Provision III of Act no. 26/2009.

According to Article 23 of Act no. 36/2001, with subsequent amendments, the Minister is authorised to appoint the same individual as Deputy Governor only twice. According to Article 23 of the Act on the Rights and Obligations of State Employees, no. 70/1996, the term of appointment is automatically extended if the position is not advertised six months before the term of appointment expires. In this case, that deadline was at the end of 2012.

Arnór Sighvatsson received a doctoral degree in economics from Northern Illinois University in 1990. He joined the Central Bank of Iceland in 1990 and became Chief Economist and Director of the Economics Department in 2004. He was appointed interim Deputy Governor of the Bank in February 2009.

No. 13/2013
16 April 2013