12 November 2021

Minutes of the Financial Stability Committee meeting of 27-28 September

members of the Financial Stability Committee with it's secretary
The minutes of the 27-28 September 2021 meeting held by the Central Bank Financial Stability Committee have been published on the Bank’s website. At the meeting, Committee members discussed a range of topics, including financial stability developments and prospects, the economic situation, developments in the domestic financial markets, the position of and risk in the financial system and in the operations of financial institutions, the real estate market, financial market infrastructure, cybersecurity, the financial cycle, systemically important financial institutions, the countercyclical capital buffer and the capital buffer for systemic importance (O-SII buffer), and debt service-to-income ratios on mortgage loans.

See: Minutes of the Financial Stability Committee meeting. Meeting held 27-28 September 2021 (9th meeting). Published 29 October 2021.

Further information on the Committee can be found here.