Pension funds

06. April

February 2017

Assets of pension funds amounted to 3,551 at the end of February, having decreased by 37 or 1% since January.Thereof assets of mandatory divisions amounted to 3,209 and voluntary divisions 342 At the end of February domestic assets of pension funds amounted to 2,781 Thereof deposits in domestsic deposit taking corporations amounted to 119 and domestic loans and marketable securities amounted to 2,527 Foreign assets of pension funds amounted to 770 having decreased by 40 since January. Other liabilities of pension funds amounted to 6 leaving net assets at 3,545 at the end of February.

It is worth mentioning that there is still some uncertainty regarding the final value of the pension funds’ assets. The figures will be updated when annual reports of the pension funds have been published.

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