Insurance companies

16. March

January 2017

Insurance companies’ total assets amounted to 190.1 at the end of January, having increased by 12.9 between months. Assets of non life insurance companies amounted to 172.6 and increased by 12.1 during the month. Assets of life insurance companies increased by 841 and amounted to 17.4 at the end of the month.

Domestic assets of the insurance sector amounted to 170.2 at the end of January and increased by 11.7 between months. Foreign assests of the sector amounted to 19.9 and increased by 1.2 at the same time.

Insurance companies’ liabilities amounted to 101.1 at the end of January, where technical provisions amounted to 89.3 and increased by 10.6 during the month. Equity stood at 89 at the end of January and increased by 407 between months.

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