The Central Bank compiles, enters, and processes statistical data. The statistics are divided into three categories. 

Financial institutions’ statistics include economic variables pertaining to firms and institutions operating in the domestic financial market.

Financial market statistics show developments in interest rates, exchange rates, interbank market turnover, and payment intermediation, in addition to issuance and stock of market securities and derivatives contracts.

Statistics on the balance of payments and international investment position relate to Iceland’s foreign trade. The balance of payments shows trade between residents and non-residents over a specified period, and the international investment position summarises the position between residents and non-residents at the end of the period.

Balance of payments and external position

Freq.Most recent*PeriodNext release*
International reservesMonthly14. March February 201712. April
Direct InvestmentAnnual09. March 2015 revised data11. September
Foreign position of the Central BankMonthly08. March February 201710. April
Balance of paymentsQuarterly02. March Q4 201602. June
External debtQuarterly02. March Q4 201602. June
International investment positionQuarterly02. March Q4 201602. June
Portfolio investmentMonthly28. March February 201728. April

Financial markets

Freq.Most recent*PeriodNext release*
Market securitiesMonthly28. March February 201728. April
Securities offeringsMonthly21. March February 201721. April
Payment intermediationMonthly13. March February 201712. April
Pension fundsMonthly09. March January 201706. April
Interbank market for Icelandic kronurMonthly06. March February 201706. April
Interbank market for foreign exchangeMonthly06. March February 201706. April
Real exchange rateMonthly06. March February 201705. April

The credit system

Freq.Most recent*PeriodNext release*
Other financial corporationsMonthly27. March February 201726. April
Mutual funds, investment funds and institutional investment fundsMonthly27. March February 201726. April
Monetary StatisticsMonthly22. March febrúar 201724. April
Insurance companiesMonthly16. March January 201718. April
Balance Sheet of the Central BankMonthly07. March Febrúar 201707. April
Financial assets of financial corporationsQuarterly06. March Q4/201606. June

*Publication is at 16:00 hrs on publication dates